An insight into Michael McIsaac



Four words can change a life.


“You are an Ironman” changed mine.


Years ago I re-laced an old pair of running

shoes and went out for a jog. I was in New

York City at the time, aimlessly finding

myself in the borough of Brooklyn.


If it sounds romantic, let me set the record straight, it wasn’t. The humidity on that July afternoon was absurd. I will never forget it. Had I tried, I probably could have cut the air with a knife, grasped hold of it firmly in my hand and carried it around like a wet tennis ball.


I ran and I felt like Atlas (the Titan of Astronomy) precariously balancing the humid air on my shoulders as I plodded through Prospect Park without aim. On that sun drenched afternoon, I seem to recall that gravity and her pull of force had somehow increased. Either that, or I was really, really out of shape. Dehydrated yet not demoralized, I limped home overwhelmed by possibility. I had always dreamed of racing an Ironman triathlon, I decided then that it was time to get after my dreams and chase the four words that I longed to hear.


In the summer of 2013, I heard them. I chased those four little words again in the summer of 2014 and again the bell tolled “Michael McIsaac, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!” 


Today....well today I’m not satisfied and I long for more…I am going to try and swim across Lake Ontario.


I am going to raise ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ($100,000) for the Douglas Wright Foundation.


Solo Swims of Ontario Inc. (“SSO”), the governing body provincially mandated with overseeing every attempted crossing of Lake Ontario, will watch over and validate my swim. I will work with SSO to ensure essential safety precautions are taken and to obtain the formal documentation and ultimate approval of a successful crossing of Lake Ontario.

Why Michael supports the
Douglas Wright Foundation

We all have a close, nefarious association with cancer. Everyone, in some capacity or another likely has less than two degrees of separation from it. It affects our mothers, our brothers, our sons and our daughters. My family is no different. Cancer has terminally affected members of my family, while others in my family have successfully battled against it. I am aghast at its prevalence in our society.


The Douglas Wright Foundation is a charitable organization founded in honour of Douglas Wright, and is devoted to fighting melanoma cancer.


An intelligent, energetic, and loving son, brother, and friend, Douglas Wright lived life to its fullest, enriching the lives of those he knew. Sadly, his time was tragically cut short by melanoma. I had the good fortune of meeting Douglas Wright on a handful of occasions in the years before his passing. Dougie was as good as they get and I am lucky to call a number of the directors of the Douglas Wright Foundation my friends.


When I decided that I wanted to swim across Lake Ontario, I knew without question that the Douglas Wright Foundation would be the benefactor of the charitable efforts associated with my swim. There are hundreds of registered Canadian charities that are all doing fantastic work in fight against cancer. I could have chosen any number of them to partner with.


I chose to partner with the Douglas Wright Foundation because its board members are people I know, people I trust, and people that are honest and accountable. I know that at the end of the day your money will go toward a good cause, run by good, honest, hardworking people. I take comfort in this and am very proud to stand behind the Douglas Wright Foundation and its initiatives.


As children, our parents indoctrinate us such that the first thing we do when we get into a motor vehicle is put on a seat belt. Can you imagine going for a drive without your seat belt? Neither can I, but this wasn’t always the case. It took years and years of public service announcements to get the message across. Seat belts can save lives!


Melanoma can be prevented. And when spotted early it can be treated! One of the hopes of the Douglas Wright Foundation is to change the culture of skin cancer awareness in Canada. The Douglas Wright Foundation is helping to teach the next generation of Canadians the importance of proper skin care. Imagine a generation of Canadians talking about sun safety the way we are talking about seat belts!


The Douglas Wright Foundation is committed to making this happen.

Michael's Training

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Update: A 6 hour trial swim was completed on July 26th in Lake Ontario. Michael was able to swim 16 km and finished feeling confident and excited about the upcoming crossing! Below are some photos of the trial swim.